Tuesday, April 7, 2009

STYLES' Stiff Staff Picks

Buffalo '66
Ever wanted to kill a pro football player? Vincent Gallo does. Before Chloe Sevigny sucked him off in 'Brown Bunny', Gallo made a good movie about revenge and dysfunctional families that would put any Wes Anderson film to shame. Written, scored, and directed by Vincent Gallo.

Once the youngest evangelical preacher ever ordained (at the age of 4), Marjoe dropped out of preaching and discovered hippies, pot, and women. He would never be the same again. Returning to the preaching circuit 20 years later, Marjoe exposes the money grubbing nature of religious hucksterism.

No, it's not the all natural male enhancment pill. It's David Cronenberg's mind fuck about a virtual reality game that compounds reality until the player doesn't know what's real. Like the (Matrix + Tron)-(stupid outfits).

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Karel Reisz directs Albert Finney in his acting debut. According to film school, there were a lot of angry young men growing up in Britain during the 50's and 60's, and they made movies about them. This is one of the better ones, with Albert drinking his weight in Guiness, working at a factory, being angry (as mentioned), and falling in love. Cheers!

Never Get Busted Again vol. 1 : Traffic Stops
Quote: "Food is a most excellent way to transport marijuana." Former narcotics officer Barry Cooper gives you the low down on how to avoid profiling, detection from K9 units, and other narcs who don't want you to have a good time. Baby, I'm in a rock 'n roll band; ROLL ANOTHER ONE!

Cannibals eating Jesus. God disembowling himself with a razor. Fun for the whole family.

also highly recommended:
Let The Right One In
Glengarry GlenRoss
Synechodoche, New York
Tell No One

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