Friday, February 27, 2009


If your personal economic paradigm has shifted to red, try this synergistic treat.

Liberty Hall Birthday Special:
1 Free video rental of any title in the video-store;
1 Free admission to cinema;
1 Free combo of popcorn/soda-pop in concessions;
1 Free fancy-pants coffee or tea at La Prima Tazza.

Go for one, or all! Just bring your I.D., as this is only good on your birthday.

Damaged! Monitors safe.

We're currently playing Volver on the video monitors. It's not too naughty, no soft-soap.
Cruz control.

Damaged? The Monitor is Dangerous.

So, does the disc play or not? Today's mystery disc & possibly damaged DVD: The L Word: Season 3-Disc 1. It's not exactly store-friendly, what with the explicit talking and the soft-core acting. But, we have to find out if it functions properly. There is not time enough to check all of it at home, so suffer the children at your own risk.
The monitor is dangerous.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bloggrolling in Our Time!

Hell, are there not enough blogs existing?
Yes. And we hope to be worth your wasted time.
With each pulse-pound your essence dribbles away as the photons from your monitor beam despair straight into your eyes!

But, who do we follow? Who are we monitoring now, and why?
Ta-Nehisi Coates
He's a science fiction nerd who also writes for the Atlantic.
Information overload, but not in a bad way.
This modern existence is very difficult to navigate. Here's help you didn't know you had or needed.
Kung Fu Monkey
Who likes comics, politics and the difficult art of screenwriting? It's a shined and refined house of geek.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Biberty Blog

Taking over the internet, one networking site at a time. Hall Monitors is the beginning of what will hopefully become a larger Liberty Hall employee run website. Thanks for checking us out, we love you.

-The Hall Monitors