Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amnesty Notes

Taxes went up from 7.3% to 7.85% on 1 April, 2009. So, to commiserate, we held a Late-Fee Amnesty Day (and lowered our prices, but we'll talk about that later).
Total Amount in Late-Fees Forgiven: $1,572.43
Biggest Single Late-Fee: $258.20

In the past, we would hold an entire week of late-fee forgiveness, and it would usually take place around this time of year. It got to the point where people kind of expected it, and perhaps took it as their due, and that, comrades, will build resentment within the charcoal heart of a video-store manager. To combat the reflexive stinginess that surrounds a standard citizen (whether spending or earning money, here), we are implementing, as an experiment, a new kind of Amnesty. We, all of us, in possession of little currency but possessed by a great love of karmic renewal, will have, each and every one, our Amnesty, as sure as the date of birth that appears on proper I.D.
That's right.
You May Receive Late-Fee Amnesty on Your Birthday!

Details to follow in the posts ahead. I have to run around like a fool for a while.

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